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A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how our operation is

We are an international moving company with twenty years of experience in the market. Itulen International Moving was born with the intention of being the company that offers its clients a personalized and professional service, serving each of our clients for what they are: Unique!


The day and time indicated by our specialists arrive


We attend before, during and after the whole process


Secured international transfers


Through international insurance, your merchandise travels with warranty

To prepare a budget for a move, what criteria does the moving company consider?

The following data are valued, among others:
The square meters of the house.
The quantity and size of the objects to be transferred.
The type of objects.
The number of operators required.
The ease of disassembly of furniture.
The packaging of objects: if the consumer does it will be cheaper.
The existence of an elevator.
The ease of access to the property.

Do I have the right to receive a contract that includes all the conditions of the move?

Yes, and that contract must include at least the following information:
Name and company name, address, tax identification and telephone number of the moving company.
Name, surname and address of the client.
Rights and obligations of the parties.
Description of the requested service.
Date and place of loading and unloading of objects.
Fixing the amount of responsibility assumed by the company. Insurance against damage and loss of equipment.
Total price with breakdown of discounts or increments for special services (for example, special packaging, assemble furniture, hanging lamps, etc.), taxes and payment method.
Form by which the consumer can terminate the contract and amount of compensation.
Dispute resolution procedure.
Signature of the parties.

How is the price of a move calculated?

It is calculated based on the square meters of the house, the quantity, size and packaging of the objects to be transferred, the number of operators required and the ease of access to the property.

Do you have insurance?

We have a comprehensive liability insurance, both for the person and for the equipment

We have valuable furniture. Would they be well maintained?

In addition to simple removals, we offer packaging, shipping and specific storage for valuable goods. Our staff has experience in handling the most fragile or delicate objects. Depending on the object in question your transfer may require specialized techniques, we always take it into account.

Our services

Door to door service

Door to port service

Dispatches of effects and used cars

Consolidated or exclusive container loads

International pet transfer

International insurance against all risks

Storage of cargo in general in the short, medium and long term


Our trained professionals will make a proposal for your move