Import Requirements


  • 1)Continued residence for a minimum of two (2) years in a foreign country (for returning residents or Argentine citizens), providing that during the last 12 months they have not travelled once, or several times to Argentina with an aggregate stay exceeding 60 days.
  • 2) Two (2) Original Bills of Lading or Air Waybill consigned as follows:

CONSIGNEE: NAME OF SHIPPER , Passport number and CUIL or CUIT (Argentine tax identification number – if shipper has one), address, telephone/e-mail.


  • 3) Packing list or inventory.
  • 4) Valid passport with a valid visa (temporary or permanent) stamped into it.
  • 5) Residence visa for a minimum period of one year (only for foreigners).
  • 6) Certificate of Residence issued by Argentine Consulate from the country shipper is moving from (only for Argentine citizens or aliens with a Permanent Residence Visa – Important: If shipper should not obtain this Certificate of Residence they will be liable to pay import duties)

VERY IMPORTANT: At time of entry into Argentina shipper should declare he/she is expecting a shipment of unaccompanied luggage, which will be noted on his/her passport. This also establishes the date in which shipper entered Argentina to reside. Entry of personal effects and used household goods into Argentina as unaccompanied baggage is granted provided the importation is completed within six months of date of shippers arrival in this country, proven by the seals stamped into the passport.

PLEASE NOTE: If in your move you are bringing paintings, sculptures and/or other artwork you must provide us with a detail of these (which should include measurements, materials used, name of the author, name of the piece, and aproximate date it was created). We recommend that you also provide us with a post-card sized photograph (9 x 13 cms) of each piece.

ALIENS ENTERING ARGENTINA WITH A TEMPORARY RESIDENCE VISA:These may bring into the country one or more shipments (while they have a temporary visa) of personal belongings and used household goods under temporary admission according to the present guaranty system : The belongings must be guaranteed to the local customs authorities for the duration of the visa by means of a security policy, local bonds, moneys, etc.. The guaranty may be renewed for the same extension as the visa. – If at the expiry date of the guaranty the temporary visa has not been renewed or the permanent visa obtained, the goods must be nationalized (import taxes paid on them) or be re-exported.

Once the Permanent Residence Visa has been obtained this must be presented at Customs. The guaranty is thus annulled and the goods brought in under it are nationalized, tax free – These aliens are also allowed to bring in a shipment of used household goods within six months of date in which the Permanent Residence Visa was issued.

When shipper leaves Argentina, if no permanent residence visa was obtained during his/her permanence in Argentina, he/she must either ship out all items originally brought in (they entered under a temporary permit) or nationalize them (import taxes paid on them). Once this has been complied with, the required documentation is presented to Customs and the Guaranty is annulled.

ALIENS WITH A PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA AND/OR RETURNING ARGENTINE CITIZENS who have been residing abroad for over two (2) years and not visited Argentina for an aggregate stay of over 60 days during the 365 days prior to his/her entry to Argentina (to reside) may bring a shipment of personal belongings and used household goods into Argentina free of duties. – They should obtain a Certificate of Residence from the nearest Argentine Consulate in the country they are moving from.


  • a) Argentine citizens returning to reside in Argentina after residing abroad for a minimum of TWO (2) years, and foreigners coming to reside with a Permanent Resident Visa, may import one (1) automobile and/or one (1) motorcycle.VERY IMPORTANT: These vehicles must have been registered in shippers name a minimum of three (3) months prior to shippers arrival in Argentina to reside and/or the vehicles arrival to Argentina. These must pay duties of approx. 80% (for petrol engines) and 100% (for diesel engines) of C.I.F. value (cost, insurance and freight).

NOTE: If the value of the automobile as assesed by Argentine customs is below US$ 15.000, the automobile will be exempt from paying import duties (Resolucion General No. 3109 / 2011 – This only applies to automobiles). – These vehicles may not be sold for two (2) years. b) Passengers with a Temporary Residence Visa may bring in one (1) automobile and/or one (1) motorcycle under a temporary permit for 8 months, renewable.

DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED (AUTOMOBILES / MOTORCYCLES): As well as those previously listed: 1) Original purchase invoice of automobile/motorcycle. 2) Original licence of automobile/motorcycle (Automobile or motorcycle must have been purchased, licensed and registered in shipper’s name) a minimum of three (3) months prior to shippers arrival in Argentina to reside and/or the vehicles arrival to Argentina. 3) Certificate of residence issued by the Argentine Consulate from the country of origin which will prove their residence abroad of a minimum of two (2) years. 4) If automobile/motorcycle and household goods are sent under the same OBL (Ocean Bill of Lading) we will require all three (3) original copies of OBL for customs clearance.

NOTE: A shipper may only use this benefit once every seven (7) years.

NOTE: All document emitted abroad must be duly certified, legalised or, otherwise, apostilled by the Argentine Consulate with jurisdiction in the country of origin.


Documentation required:

1) Rabies vaccination certificate and 2) Certificate of good health legalized by the Argentine Consulate from the country which the pet is moving from.


Click here to enter the argentine government site regarding the importation, exportation and reexportation of hunting trophies, fur, leather and other subproducts of wild animals


Argentina requires that all wood packing material and lumber be heat treated or fumigated according to the existing internacional standards and must have the corresponding certificate to be allowed entry.

Export Requirements

In order to be able to embark a shipment of used household goods abroad as a household move (tax free) shipper must comply with the following requirements:

  • Posess a valid passport with a permanent or temporary residence visa (minimum of one (1) year) for Argentina.
  • Posess a valid permanent or temporary residence visa for a minimum of 1 year (except for Argentine citizens who must have a permanent residence permit) for the country shipper is moving to.
  • Shipper must have resided in Argentina during the last 12 months prior to his departure to reside abroad.
  • Shipper must have his shipment embarked within six (6) months of the date he departed Argentina to reside abroad. – Once the six (6) month period has expired shipper can NOT send his shipment abroad as a household move (tax free).
  • If any artwork (paintings, sculptures, etc.) and/or antiques are to be included in the shipment these will require a special permit which must be obtained from the department of “Artes Visuales” (photographs, measurements, descriptions and values must be presented). A separate authorization will be required for us to be able to do the paperwork in shippers name. The process takes a minimum of one week.

Required Documentation

  • Photocopy of every single page (including blank pages), front and back covers, of shippers´ passport or passports (if shipper has more than one passport, e.g.: passports from two different countries) notarized by an “Escribano Público” (Notary Public) and authenticated by the “Colegio de Escribanos”. – These passports must show any entries and exits during at least the last year prior to embarkation of goods. If passport is less than one year old, previous passport must be photocopied and notarized as well.
  • Photocopy of every single page (including blank pages), front and back covers, of shippers´ “Documento Nacional de Identidad” (D.N.I.) notarised by an “escribano público” and by the “Colegio de Escribanos”.
  • Sign an authorization (which will be provided by us) which must be certified by an “Escribano Público” / Notary Public, and authenticated by the “Colegio de Escribanos”. (This enables us to do customs clearance in your name).
  • Certificado Consular (o de baja)” or Consular Certificate issued by consulate of country to which you are moving (which states that shipper is moving with the purpose of residing there). This is not required for moves to the United States or to the United Kingdom. <=”” li=””>
  • For Latin countries only: Valued inventory signed and sealed by Consulate of country you are moving to.
  • Contact address and telephone at destination.
  • OPTIONAL: If you plan to take out insurance we suggest you make a valued inventory detailing all Items with a value of ONE HUNDRED U.S. DOLLARS (US$ 100,-) and over (replacement value at destination), and place a lump sum as “Rest of Shipment” to cover all the other Items (less expensive Items with individual values of under US$ 100) – This list should then be signed by shipper.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If documentation is being signed outside Argentina, the signatures of the local Notary Public must be authenticated by the nearest Argentine Consulate. The signature of the Argentine Consul must in turn be authenticated at the Foreign Office in Argentina for it to be valid in Argentina.
  • MOTORS: Cars, motorcycles, boats and other effects with motors need a separate Customs Clearance, and therefore a second complete set of documentation.
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